Yvonne Goldberg
"Ever since I was a little girl I didn't know what to love more,
painting or playing the piano.
So I did both. And it has never changed.

My mother came from a very artistic Dutch family. Her mother was
a concert pianist and all her twelve children grew up playing
instruments, singing and making chamber music. My mother kept
this tradition alive by teaching me Classical music and exposing
me to opera, ballet and art. There was never a doubt in my mind
what to make out of my life.

I studied music at the Conservatory and painting at the Art
Academy of Muenster, Germany. I earned a Masters Degree
from the Hochschule fuer Musik und Theater
in Hannover, Germany.

I earned my living by teaching music and painting portraits.
I emigrated to America in 1985 and started a new life with
my husband, who is also a musician, and my three children.

In California I continued my art studies at the California Art Institute
near Los Angeles. I participate in group and solo exhibitions,
selling to private collectors and painting on commission.

I teach Classical piano and art.
I enjoy expressing myself in different styles, but my true love lies in
Impressionism. My subjects range from portraits to landscape
and still life. I admire the old masters and like to
copy them through my own eyes.

One of the social issues that concerns me most is the violence
and oppression that is so prevalent in today's society. In an
effort to make a positive contribution to awareness and
tolerance, I've painted an Anti-Violence series.

My greatest passion lies in life itself. In my paintings I strive
for freedom of expression and over the years I've developed an
enthusiasm for the boldness of color and stroke. I am the most
happy when I am painting in my studio
listening to the music I love."

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